INTERSHIP | International Shipping Limited | Our Principal Companies

International Shipping Limited's principal client-companies include:

Hoegh Autoliners

Höegh Autoliners' global network touches upon all continents, as they serve an extensive number of ports with their direct services, including Jamaica via Intership. Höegh has transportation contracts with many leading vehicle manufacturers and is, in addition, a leading carrier of second-hand vehicles as well as ”high & heavy” construction equipment and other rolling stock.


The Spliethoff Group manages more than 55 multi purpose tweendeck cargo vessels, trading worldwide. Transportation of forest products, such as paper, pulp and sawn timber is a core activity next to project cargoes, generals, containers and bulk.




Shipping goods and services between the United States and Jamaica & the Caribbean for over 30 years. Intership provides consolidating and de-consolidating as well as logistics services to this company that has become a household name in cross-border shipping in the Caribbean region.